Hallowe’en – Attempted Murder

For the past few years now I have carved a pumpkin for Halloween (Hallowe’en Pumpkins and Pyrography…, A Trick and a Treat!). This year's one was a bit more ambitious and I even gave it a title! I had to use a couple of sneakily placed pins to keep the tree from collapsing inwards (oops), … Continue reading Hallowe’en – Attempted Murder


CLG CreativeArts on Redbubble!

I'm quite excited about this, as I really love the idea of having images that I've drawn, painted or photographed printed on gifts and everyday items! Up until recently, I have made and printed a various items (including calendars, mugs and t-shirts) for friends and family, using various online printing companies, such as Photobox, Snapfish … Continue reading CLG CreativeArts on Redbubble!