CLG CreativeArts on Redbubble!

I’m quite excited about this, as I really love the idea of having images that I’ve drawn, painted or photographed printed on gifts and everyday items!

Up until recently, I have made and printed a various items (including calendars, mugs and t-shirts) for friends and family, using various online printing companies, such as Photobox, Snapfish and Vistaprint, all of which I would use again.

I became aware of Redbubble through seeing other artists on Instagram and Facebook, and was inspired to try adding a few of my own images. I’ve just ordered a few items from the shop as gifts for friends and family and love the tote bags in particular – so much, that I’m thinking about ordering some more for myself!

I am hoping to add items to my shop on a regular basis. So far, I have added a few of my photos, pen drawings and a few pastel works, all organised into Collections. My page can be found by searching for ‘clgcreativearts’ in the Redbubble website, or accessed directly by using the following link:


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