Wayfarer at Night, pen and watercolour

Initially when I started this drawing I had a different idea in mind, and then I made a mess. Instead of throwing the drawing in the bin however, as I often do, I persevered and used it as an opportunity to experiment with the paints and let my imagination take over. I was surprised (and … Continue reading Wayfarer at Night, pen and watercolour

Doodling with a dip pen…

Most of the stuff in my sketchbooks are scribbles for ideas and inspirations, but quite often Iโ€™ll find something will start as a doodle or a rough sketch, then evolve into a 'proper' drawing! This was based on a photo and some sketches from a recent Colchester Zoo visit. I used Windsor and Newton Indian … Continue reading Doodling with a dip pen…

Snow leopard

My latest pen drawing is of a snow leopard I saw at Banham Zoo recently: My daily drawing project seems to have shifted somewhat from it's original plan. It started with the goal of completing one drawing each day for a year, then shifted to having the aim of doing at least some drawing each … Continue reading Snow leopard

Studio Time!

I recently had my first bash at some studio based portrait photography, after seeing an advert on my local Camera Club's Facebook page for an afternoon session in a photography studio with a model. As someone who much prefers taking natural photos, and 'street photography' I surprised myself by really enjoying experimenting with the effects … Continue reading Studio Time!