Some ballpoint pen drawing…

I love experimenting and drawing with different mediums, but quite often enjoy drawing with an everyday ballpoint pen! This started as a doodle in my sketchbook, and is based on my own reference photos of a binturong that I'd seen at Colchester Zoo.


Technicolour Giraffe

Something a bit different! As I hadn't drawn giraffes before, I first visited a local zoo to do some sketches and reference photos. While drawing, I noticed the strongest features of a giraffe were the huge eyes and incredibly long eyelashes. I also noticed that they have a very oddly shaped head and nose, which was … Continue reading Technicolour Giraffe


Following my recent visits to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, I have a variety of great photos and sketches of birds and mammals - lots of inspiration! When I first started photography, my aim was simply to take my own art reference photos to work from. This means that, as well as focussing on high quality images … Continue reading Raven