About Me

34870157732_002f9e3b43_o (Small)I am a creative artist and photographer living and working in Suffolk, UK. I use a range of materials in my art, including pencil, pen, pastels, paint, charcoal, pyrography and photography.
Wherever possible, unless a client has a supplied photo that they want reproduced, I use my own photos and sketches for reference for a finished work. I continually work at expanding my portfolio of reference photos for art projects, and already have a large selection of animal images.
I regularly visit a range of locations, including zoos, wildlife parks and nature reserves with my sketchbook and camera – I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in art! I regularly attend workshops and courses with other artists and art enthusiasts as often as I can, as I believe that you never stop learning, and it’s always great to meet other creative people to share ideas and inspirations with!
I have set up this blog and online portfolio and to record and share my creative progress. I also hope to use it to share inspirations and useful tips. My blog posts can be sorted by category using the main menu, but for viewing ease I have also added pages with a few examples of my work!

Claire Grasby