365 Day Photo Challenge, 2016-17

While doing some research for a part of my Creative Arts Today course, I stumbled across various photographers pages and groups with 365-Day Photo Projects, each posting a photo a day online.

I thought I would have a go at doing this myself as I find it hard to strike a balance between either taking far too many photos or struggling to get inspired! I am also hoping that it will help me develop my general photography skills, both technical and ‘compositional’, as a lot of the time I will be relying on my phone camera, which is more readily available than my DSLR.

When I had the idea, I was going to wait until January, and start the project on New Years Day, until my friend pointed out to me that Celtic New Year starts on 1st November, which was perfect timing!

I am using Flickr for this project, rather than my Instagram/Facebook pages, so that I can see progress more clearly and, as it dates every item as I upload it, it means I avoid the temptation to post in batches!

Progress can be seen by using the following link to my album on Flickr: CLG – 365 Day Project – 2016/2017