‘Photo Day Experience’ at Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

Towards the end of 2017 I was surprised and happy to find I’d won first prize in a local owl sanctuary’s annual photography competition (Blog Post: Photo Competition Success). I was even happier when I found that the prize was a place on one of their ‘Photo Day Experiences’!

26481037647_1000114c0e_o (Medium)I opted to attend one of their earlier workshops, in April, partly because I thought that the weather would have been nice and mild, and partly because I didn’t want to wait until August(!). The photographer started the workshop by running through a few tips and some useful information over a coffee, then we all headed outside to start photographing birds!

We encountered a variety of beautiful birds throughout the day, including a Barn Owl, Kestrels, a Steppe Eagle and a Peregrine Falcon. Intermittent rain showers meant that the photo sessions with each bird were kept quite short, but they didn’t seem to mind too much, and I was able to get some beautiful shots – though I later found that a number of my photos had blurs and dark shadows from my rain cover!

27480879638_eb5f85bca7_o (Medium)As well as having opportunities to photograph individual birds, we also observed the flying displays, which posed a new photographic challenge! These displays included a few of the birds that we’d already encountered and photographed, but also included a lovely little Tawny Owl, a Bateleur Eagle, Red Kites and a Kookaburra! I was quite excited to see the Kookaburra, and plan to return again to try and get some better photos of him in flight!

After a much needed lunch to warm up, we had a few more photo opportunities with individual birds and the final flying display of the day – thankfully the rain held off this time!

Although I have only included a few photos on this blog, more of them will be available as I edit them on my Facebook Page, and on Flickr:


For more information on Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, visit: https://www.owl-help.org.uk/


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