Meerkat Encounter at Suffolk Owl Sanctuary


Another visit to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, this time with my sister and friend, to celebrate her birthday with a Meerkat Experience.

This encounter involved getting up very close with a mob of meerkats in their enclosure – some even climbed on top of us! As I joined Alison for the experience, Jon took photos from outside the enclosure. I did take a few photos with my phone while inside, including a rare ‘selfie’ with my sister and a meerkat!

The meerkats were a lot rowdier than I thought they would be, and it was quite an experience being so close to them!

I then followed up afterwards with a few more photos of the meerkats with my Nikon before watching the flying displays and getting a few more shots for Alison. I am sure she won’t mind knowing that some of these photos may well be inspiration for gifts for her later in the year, to follow on from the birthday experience!

_clg5910_33710824063_o (Small)





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