Wild Hares in Norfolk

48524f80c26a1220a298072d9cca1fc3fce7d91071e1e63ecb16b801d831b719Last year I had my first attempt at photographing wild hares in Norfolk. After a day of driving around the countryside roads with my friend, eventually finding and photographing a few hares frolicking in a field near Hunstanton provided me with a real sense of achievment! Working with my old Samsung DSLR camera, and a somewhat more limited ‘zoom’ lens, the resulting images were somewhat grainy and of poor technical quality. a25644d91c5c4324c2d86434bba1f895727da0344b4f36f24235792632981b2c

The first two pictures in this blog post were the clearest shots I managed to get of the hares. I still love these pictures, as I can look at them and remember the elation I was feeling on the day I took them: that is more important to me than technical correctness, and is what my art is to me.

_CLG4711-2This has now formed an annual Eostre tradition with Jon. On a quiet Sunday in April we did much the same thing as last year: drove around Norfolk’s country roads, stopped in Cromer for chips, then drove around some more until we spotted some hares!

Once we’d found a fairly active group of hares, photographing them was another problem, though I did find it significantly easier than last year! I still ended up with a lot of photographs of hare’s tails as they were running in the opposite direction! Like last year, there are only a couple of images that I am happy with, but I enjoyed the experience of it above all else.

_CLG4753I am very much looking forward to the next Eostre / Spring Hare outing, in 2018!


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