Impromptu Photoshoot at UEA

I had the chance to test my photography skills in a very different setting earlier this month, when a colleague within the university requested my help in taking some photos for an event that was being run during ‘Do Something Different Week’ in February.

‘The Art and Science of Murder’ was a murder mystery event, that was set on campus, and the idea was that students would follow the stages of solving the murder through the university’s newspaper and social media accounts. For this, they needed a few photos of the students in character to circulate on Twitter prior to the start of the week.


The request really threw me in the deep end, as with very limited prior knowledge of the event, and no time to prepare beforehand, I had no idea what was expected.

Despite this, and perhaps surprising even to myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity, and found it very rewarding. I worked with a handful of people: the actors and extras, director, and project manager; and the shoot took place in the drama studio rehearsal room. The limited numbers of people and small venue meant that some photos were more challenging than others: particularly ones that involved creating the impression of more people, but the adjustable lighting and variety of props that were available were very useful!




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