More Owls, Squirrels and Meerkats…

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

sg1l9787_1-smallI visited Suffolk Owl Sanctuary again this month, with the aim of getting a few more photos for my portfolio and generally for inspiration – this time I was focussing more on the vibrant autumnal colours.

This time I took my Samsung Gx-1L, and a Nikon D7000 along with me – and I rotated between using the Nikon with the 18-55mm kit lens, and the Samsung with a 50-200mm lens…

The meerkats and red squirrels were once again lovely subjects, particulalry with the beautiful oranges and browns that dominated. I experimented with the ‘scene’ settings on my Nikon, however, even that proved challenging when photographing the squirrels, as I found that I was continually switching between ‘Sport’ and ‘Animal’ modes!

sg1l9708-smallI watched the squirrels dashing around for ages trying to get the shots that I wanted, and although I think I could have gotten better photos if I’d persevered for longer I think I came away with a few good images.

One of my favourite subjects of the day, was a barn owl, who seemed very happy to have his photo taken.

For these shots, I swapped back to my Samsung, as the owl was a little too far away.

I was very happy with these, and am planning to use a few of these on gifts such as mugs and calendars!

I really liked the contrast of the owl’s ghostlike white face against the black backdrop, but would like to get some ‘in flight’ shots another time.

I took loads of shots, and have thankfully got a few images that I really like, both for my portfolio and for reference.

All of these photos can be viewed full size in my online albums on Flickr (by clicking on the photos) or Facebook.



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