Dartmoor Zoo

Finally got around to uploading a few pictures from a visit to Dartmoor Zoo in August…

clg-hayleythebear-9059The zoo was a lovely place to wander around, even though it very much looked like a work in progress, with quite a lot of enclosures and features under development.


The zoo has two bears, which I was very excited about, as I love bears! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a clear photo of Fudge, the Syrian Brown Bear, but I was able to get a few of Hayley, the European Brown Bear, while she was venturing out for food.

One of my favourite images captured was one of a red fox named Bramble, who was very difficult to photograph, but perseverance and patience paid off, and I am very happy with the final image!


I thought I’d taken some lovely photos of Chincha the Jaguar, but unfortunately editing has flattened the image. I have not managed to correct the lighting in the photograph without losing depth…which is a shame, but I like this image, and may well use it as a reference for a drawing instead.

vladimiramurtiger-9131One of my other photographs I took that I really like was of Vladimir the Tiger, I particularly like this one, as its a more unusual pose – I am still not quite happy with the tone and colours in the editing, and am toying whether to convert it to black and white or to bring out some of the highlights more.

To see the rest of my photos from Dartmoor Zoo, please view these on my Facebook page through the links on the images.


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