North Norfolk, Coastal Scenes

I took the following photos in July at various locations on the North Norfolk coast, but have only this week downloaded them from my camera to my computer!

At Cromer, I focused mainly on trying to capture a range of different images, including landscape and portrait shots. My main focus was the area just around the pier, as I liked the contrasting shadows and the reflections on the water.

I shot these in RAW mode, and had an attempt at playing with the levels and made various adjustments with the use of photo editing software.


The photo on the left, of the silhouette, was taken later on the same day at Mundesley, and I was positioned part way down the cliff, overlooking the beach huts. The sun setting behind clouds provided me with a lovely silhouette at the top of the cliff though, which I think is one of my favourite photos from the day, and I have already promised a print of this for a friend’s office!

The following were taken at Wells-next-the-Sea a week or so later, on a day off from work. The wet conditions made it a bit more difficult to get the photos I wanted, but I got a few shots of the boats at low tide. I am planning to revisit this location again, and get a few more shots!

I found it quite difficult adjusting the colour while maintaining the overall brightness of the images, which is something I’d like to work on, though at the moment I am experimenting with techniques and a pretty broad range of subjects.



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