Animals at Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo, June 2016

After recently getting inspired to get out and about with my camera again I went for a another wander around a local zoo, this time Colchester Zoo.

I was hoping to get some photos of various animals, so that I can work entirely off my own reference photos for art, rather than looking on the internet. I spent quite a lot of time photographing the larger animals: specially the big cats and wolves, which proved to be extremely challenging subjects.


Most of the animals were more active around feeding time, so I tried to time my wander around the zoo to fit in with some of these. A challenge that I hadn’t previously considered was the problem of taking photos though windows and bars – but through adjusting the focus and keeping the flash off I was able to get some good photos.
As well as the big cats and wolves, I was able to get some good photos of some of the smaller animals. These were somewhat easier to photograph, mainly because they didn’t move so much, but also because the enclosures were a lot more open, I found that the resulting images were a lot cleaner without the extra layer of glass to go through!


I found that later in the afternoon was the best time to photograph the red panda, and my perseverance rewarded me with this lovely view:


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